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Our Services

Spine Press + Post offers complete publishing and marketing services for authors and publishers. Choose from our list of professional services the work you need done that will best suit your needs, your project, and your budget.

You only pay for the services you use, and our professionals’ time. All royalties and earnings are kept and maintained by the author.


A complete list of services to choose from to get your manuscript or document ready for publication or submission. Services to choose from include: Editing, eBook and Print Formatting, Cover Design, and Distribution.


A Complete list of marketing services to advertise and promote your book or author brand. Services to choose from include: social media set-up, website development, promotional materials, and content programs.

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Editing Services

Content Editing

Edits the manuscript or project for organization, structure, plot holes, and overall development. The focus of this level of editing is on the readability as a whole. Content Editing is high level editing that helps you express your story and ideas more clearly.

Copy Editing

Edits your manuscript or document for grammar, mechanics, style consistency, fact-checking, and organization. This level of editing focuses on the readability of the document on a technical and chapter or section level. Copy Editing is useful for both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Proofreading/ Line Editing

Edits your manuscript or document for grammar, punctuation, mechanics, formatting, style, and syntax. The focus of this editing is on the readability of each line and phrase. This is a final, detailed polish to ensure that your manuscript or document is ready for publication or submission.

Book Cover Services

Cover Design

Get a custom cover designed by one of the cover artists that Spine Press + Post contracts with. Prices will vary based on the artist, and the design style request.

Back Cover Synopsis

Spine Press + Post will write and edit a back cover synopsis that will draw potential readers to your book. Price covers one draft of the synopsis; each revision is an additional $5.

Distribution Services

ISBN Registration

Spine Press + Post will purchase and register each format of your book with an individual ISBN so that it is sellable via bookstores.

eBook Formatting

Spine Press + Post will format your manuscript so that it is readable on an e-reader device and provide eBook files that are required for Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers.

Print Formatting

Spine Press + Post will format your manuscript for a printed book style. It will be uploaded to the printer or print-on-demand service for the author. The author may order printed copies as frequently as they would like. Printing charges and shipping fees apply.

Sales Availability

After formatting services, Spine Press + Post will upload your eBook, print-ready manuscript, or both to be distributed for sale among the major online platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Once the book has been uploaded for distribution, all accounts will be handed over to the auth for management and royalty set-up. Spine Press + Post will not have any control over royalties, sales tracking, or payments.

Marketing Kit Services

Business Cards

Custom business cards with the book cover and author name printed on them. Author can choose to add an author email/contact, screen names for social media accounts, and/or an author website.


Bookmarks with the cover of the book and author name printed on them.

Custom Printing Items

Have your book cover printed on additional items or merchandise for a more professional appeal. Items to choose from include: mugs, bags, stickers, and pens. Great for giveaways or prizes.

Digital Promotion Services

Video Book Trailer

Get a custom, shareable video made to advertise your book and/or brand online and social media platforms.

Social Media Guide

A short guide designed to assist authors with setting up and utilizing their own social media platforms. The guide includes information on the best ways to use each platform, the best times to post, how to utilize hashtags, and which kinds of posts get the most interaction from followers.

Social Media Set-Up

Spine Press + Post will set-up social media accounts for you and create quality posts for all your platforms for one year.

Author Webpage

Spine Press + Post will create a single webpage dedicated to the book and author brand. Your author bio will be featured, as well as links and redirects to buy the book.

Author Website (full)

Spine Press +Post will build an author website dedicated to your brand and your books. It will feature up to 4 custom pages including: About, Books, Blog, and another page of your choice.

Domain Registration

Get a custom domain name and registration. Includes privacy protection and two-year subscription. It can be managed by Spine Press + Post, or set-up and handed off to the author for renewal management.

Website Maintenance Program

Spine Press + Post will maintain and manage the author website in an annual contract. Maintenance includes monthly content updates such as a newsletter and/or blog, as well as frequent social media content updates. Custom domain registration is included as well as site revisions after launch. Revisions that are covered in cost are only those done to the existing content or widgets on the site. Template changes and/or starting over in design are not covered by this program.

Custom Packages

Create Your Own Custom Package With Only the Individual Services You Need. Select From the Services Listed Above and Contact Us for a Custom Project Quote

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Featured Packages

Don’t Know Where to Start To Build Your Own Service Package? For Your Project Ease, Our Professionals Have Compiled Four Service Packages to Choose From. If You’re Not Sure What You Want, Or If You Want It All, One of Our Packages Will Cover Your Needs.

Lumbar Package

This is the entry level, basic publishing package. The Lumbar Package includes: Copy Editing, Back Cover Synopsis, Cover Design, ISBN Registration, eBook Formatting, Sales Distribution, Bookmarks, and Social Media Guide.

Add-ons and upgrades available at additional cost.

Package Price: $695.00

Facet Package

This level is great for manuscripts and business documents or projects. The Facet Package includes: Copy Editing, Proofreading, Print Formatting, Business Cards, and Bookmarks.

Add-ons and upgrades available at additional cost.

Package Price: $695.00

Thoracic Package 

This is the mid-level, premium package. The Thoracic Package includes: Copy Editing, Proofreading, Back Cover Synopsis, Cover Design, ISBN registration, eBook Formatting, Print Formatting, Sales Distribution, Business Cards, Bookmarks, Social Media Guide, Author Webpage, and Domain Registration.

Upgrades available at additional cost for: Social Media Set-Up, Author Website (full), and Custom Printing

Package Price: $1,495.00

Vertebra Package

This is the complete package, deluxe level publishing package. The Vertebra Package includes: Content Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Back Cover Synopsis, Cover Design, ISBN Registration, eBook Formatting, Print Formatting, Sales Distribution, Business Cards, Bookmarks, Custom Printing (per item), Video Book Trailer, Social Media Guide, Author Webpage, Domain Registration, and Website Maintenance Program.

Upgrades available at additional cost for: Custom Book Cover Photo Shoot, Social Media Set-Up, Author Website (full)

Package Price: $2,495.00

Porcelain Prompts

Designed with the Busy Writer in Mind.

Writing Prompts for the 10-15 Minutes You’re Guaranteed to Have Alone. When You’re on The Porcelain Throne, Do a Porcelain Prompt

Porcelain Prompts: Plop a Little Writing into Your Life

About Us

Melissa Koons has always had a passion for books and creative writing. It may have started with Berenstain Bears By Stan and Jan Berenstain, but it didn’t take long for authors like Lucy Culliford Babbit, Tolkien, and Robert Jordan to follow. From a young age she knew she wanted to share her love for stories with the world.

She has written and published one novel, multiple short stories, and poetry. She has a BA in English and Secondary Education from the University of Northern Colorado.

A former middle and high school English teacher, she now devotes her career to publishing, editing, writing, and tutoring hoping to inspire and help writers everywhere achieve their goals. When she’s not working, she’s taking care of her two turtles and catching up on the latest comic book franchise.

Melissa Koons

Publishing Director, Spine Press + Post LLC

At the age of 11, Thomas A. Fowler saw Jurassic Park. It was all nerdy as hell from there. Especially when he stuck around for the end credits and saw “Based on the novel by Michael Crichton.” He went straight from the movie theater, walked down the mall to a Walden Books.

Since then, he’s written movies, plays, short-stories and books. While he sticks primarily to science-fiction, he dabbles elsewhere. He holds an MBA in Marketing from Regis University and was a former Content Creator at a full-service ad agency in Denver, Colorado. Now, he devotes that skill set to a freelance career and to helping authors live their dream of getting published.

Somewhere, between writing and advertising, he tries to be a loving husband and responsible father.

Thomas A. Fowler

Marketing Director, Spine Press + Post LLC

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