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Individual Services Pricing Guide

Want Additional Services? View the Pricing Guide Below and Contact Us With Your Selection

Copy Editing

We will edit the grammar, mechanics, style, and overall flow of your manuscript. This also includes fact-checking, readability, character consistency, continuity errors, and identifying plot holes. 

$42.00/3k Words

Line Editing/ Proofreading

We will look at each line for grammar, mechanics, syntax, and overall readability. 

$42.00/3k Words

Content Editing

We will edit the manuscript for organization, structure, and flow focusing on readability at a paragraph and chapter level. Assists with creating a better, cohesive story. 

$42.00/3k Words

Back Cover Synopsis

It's important to draw your readers, the back cover synopsis will do that. We will write and edit the synopsis to attract your target audience. Pricing includes one draft and one pass of revision. Each additonal revision is an additional $5.00. 


Cover Design

We will have your book cover custom designed by one of our contract designers and artists. Plus the creation of social media images for you to share to promote for an additional $50.00

$200.00-$500.00/ Based on Artist and Complexity

Custom Book Cover Photo Shoot

We will design your book cover based on a custom cover shoot with our contract designers, artists, and photographers. 


ISBN Registration

We will purchase and register an ISBN number for your book. Pricing is based on each ISBN, all formats need a different ISBN. 


eBook Formatting

We will format your manuscript for digital eBook distribution. ePub and Mobi files are included.  

$0.85/1k Words

Print Formatting

We will format your manuscript for paperback printing. Ready to upload PDF. 

$1.85/1K words

eBook Distribution

​We will distribute your eBook across the major platforms including Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, and Kobo.


Print Distribution

We will make the paperback and print editions of your book available on online retailers such as Amazon. 


Print Copies

After formatting, we will have 20 paperback copies of your book printed and shipped to you. 

$7.50-$12.50/ Per Book

Business Cards

​We will design and print up to 1,000 business card with your name, webpage, and book title for promotional materials. 

$50.00-$75.00/ 250-1000 quantity


​We will design and print 100 bookmarks custom for your book as promotional material. 


Custom Printing

We will design and print additional promotional materials such as banners, bags, or stickers. Cost will vary based on desired printing. 

Personal Quote

Domain Renewal

​We will automatically renew your custom domain name for your website annually until you request otherwise. Includes privacy and security features. 


Video Book Trailers

We will create a 1 minute video book trailer to advertise your book. It will be shareable across your social media sites and author website. Songs and licensing for images not included. 


Social Media Account Creation

​We create your author accounts and link them as necessary. This will also include a social media break down with tips on which ones are easiest to use, and how to get the most traffic on your social media sites to boost sales. 


Social Media Set-up

​We will create and share posts to your social media platforms. 

$320.00/ month

Author Webpage

We will create a single webpage dedicated to your book and your author bio. 

$225.00 per page

Author Website

​We will create and build an author website up to 4 pages including your author webpage, an about page, and two others of your choice. This includes a custom domain name. $225.00 per page plus domain registration. 


Website Maintenance Program

We will maintain your website on an annual renewal basis. This includes custom website domain annual renewal, and monthly content updates. 


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