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Denver, Colorado - August 2, 2017 - Spine Press + Post, a company providing marketing and publishing services for authors, released a new book series: Porcelain Prompts. In helping out authors and publishers, one of the biggest problems they all face is finding time to write. The solution? A better use of time we’re all guaranteed at least once a day: a visit to the porcelain throne.

Authors themselves, Spine Press + Post founders Melissa Koons and Thomas A. Fowler wanted to create something that was equal parts helpful and entertaining. “Writing can be a serious subject. You worry about queries, where to get published. This lets you enjoy writing while still honing your craft,” said Koons, Publishing Director for Spine Press + Post. The first five volumes range from Outlining Your Novel to Creating Characters. Each book has 25 prompts and helpful articles focused on the subject.“The prompts and exercises are just long enough for you to handle your business,” Koons added.

The books launched successfully at Denver Comic Con. Koons and Fowler sold more books on the first day than they did the entire convention the previous year. Fowler, the company’s Marketing Director, had one major moment of success. “A couple walked by, the husband looked at our Porcelain Prompts banner a little confused. Without a beat passing, the wife turned and said, ‘They’re for writing while you take a s#!t.’ The fact that a complete stranger could look at our cover and design and pitch the concept to someone without either of us helping in the slightest shows the concept is relatable and easy to sell.”


The first five volumes are available now, with more installments planned for the future. Spine Press + Post provides publishing packages and marketing services for authors and publishers. They offer singular services or complete publishing packages. They’re currently doing a giveaway; one lucky winner will receive a custom publishing package if you sign up for their quarterly newsletter.

Featured Project

Spine Press & Post's Featured Project is a family history. The author has done 20 years of extensive study on their family's genealogy and learned the interesting details of their ancestors that brought them to their current generation. 

While this project will not be available for distribution, Spine Press & Post is excited to be included in the process of turning this family heirloom into a prized book for all their generations to enjoy. 

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