September 29, 2019

September 29, 2019

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Self-Publishing Checklist

September 29, 2019



Thomas and Melissa lead a workshop/panel at most of the conventions they attend: the Self-Publishing Checklist. Together, they go over start to finish, all the steps that a self-published author needs to take in order to get their book made, distributed, and advertised. Catch their workshops to fill in the details, but to get started here is the checklist itself. You can find out when their next workshop is by following Spine Press & Post on Facebook and Instagram 


Workshop: Self-Publishing Checklist
Presented by: Melissa Koons and Thomas A. Fowler
Questions email: 


Self-Publishing Checklist: 

1.    Finish your manuscript.

2.    Editing. (types of editing, how many passes, how much to pay for it, ways to spot good editors, and how to know when you're not getting what you paid for) 

3.    Revision (Go over editor's feedback carefully, be prepared to kill your darlings but not your voice and style) 

4.    Formatting (print and eBook. Learn to do it correctly or pay someone to do it. It matters. How much is reasonable to pay?)

5.    Cover design (same as formatting. How much is reasonable to pay?) 

6.    ISBN registration (where and how and yes you must.)

7.    Platforms (KDP, IngramSparks, and how Amazon has recently changed the game by absorbing CreateSpace.) 

8.    Distribution options (Amazon exclusive? Expanded Distribution? Pros and Cons to each.) 

9.    Metadata (What it is and why it's SUPER important. Choosing your genre and categories.)

10.    Keywords (which books and authors do you want to be categorized with? KDP Rocket and Yasiv tools for choosing the right keywords)

11.    Ads (using AMS, good ad description, targeted marketing, ad budget) 

12.    Reviews (Can be crucial and there are good platforms to use to get them, but don't read all of them or take the bad ones to heart.) 

13.    Author platform (yes you need one and you need to use it. Social media, website, etc.) 

14.    Selling your books (online is great, but getting books in hands is also important. How to utilize conventions and libraries)

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